Youth Ministry

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Just as in baptism one receives the gift of God’s Holy Spirit and His abounding Grace*, and just as in Confirmation where spiritual growth bringing one to perfect spiritual age empowers the catechumen* to engage in spiritual combat with the enemies of the faith,* this Youth Ministry’s objective is to reach out, disciple, teach, reprove, correct, and train young people in righteousness so that today’s youth may grow in faith and maturity to become the servant leaders of Christ’s Body, the Church, in the days to come.*

This preparation is intended to be both a means through which the Holy Spirit may sanctify them and educate them in their roles and identity in the Church, as members of Faithful Savior Lutheran Church, as Lutherans, and as Christian individuals in an increasingly secular society (Luther’s Small Catechism: II.6). This will be done through familiarizing them with the Holy Scriptures, Lutheran doctrine and texts from the Book of Concord, interaction with the members of Faithful Savior Lutheran Church and service to the community and Church at large.

Camps & Events:

OYC Middle School Gathering: Mar. 7
Roadshow Concert: Mar. 14
Easter Breakfast Fundraiser
Winter Jam Concert: Nov. 13
The Un-Retreat: Nov. 18-20

Sunday Morning Bible Class:

Our Education Hour on Sunday mornings are a time of Biblical instruction, prayer, and fellowship. We are currently working through the Growing in Christ series by Concordia Publishing House.
LCMS National Youth Gathering

National Youth Gathering: