Thanks to God and Help to Our Neighbor

As the church year comes to an end, many of us are preparing our tables for Thanksgiving feasts, peppermint mochas in red cups, and Christmas carols. As we come to this time of thanks, let us remember the many who have gone before us as witnesses to the glory of Jesus Christ. Let us not be troubled when a company takes “Merry Christmas” off of their cups. Let us not grimace at the lack of public school students singing in the Grotto.  We should never sit idle while the name of Christ is rejected and the Church is under attack –


But we should never rely on a secular company to fulfill the Great Commission.


These last few weeks of the Church year, we read of the coming judgement, the end of days, and the New Jerusalem.  As we prepare our hearts of the coming advent and the final Advent, remember that Jesus is with us TODAY.  He is present in our baptism,  He is present in the Eucharist,  He is present in His Word, He is present in His Church, and He is present in the least of these.


So, let us mourn the loss of lives in Roseburg, Paris, Beirut, and in Portland to the ways of the enemy. Let us watch for our neighbors who sleep under the Prescott bridge over I-205. Let us speak words of life to the hopeless, and words of hope to the abused. Pray for the widows among us, and serve the fatherless.  Let us do unto the least of these, our brothers, and also do so unto our Christ our Lord.


A servant, Geoffrey Balke