Missions and Missionaries


In January 2013 Faithful Savior reaffirmed its commitment to supporting Marian  as our missionary through a service of recommitment and re-commissioning.

Marion attended Lutheran Bible Institute (now Trinity College), Clackamas Community College,  Eastern Oregon College in La Grande,  University of Washington, and Portland State University, graduating from that institution with an Anthropology B.A. and a minor in public health in 1974. The same Fall,  Marian went directly to six months of jungle training in southern Mexico and then was assigned to serve in the Republic of Cameroun.

For the past 35 years Marian has been traveling between Cameroun and Chad. In 1978 she moved to the capitol of Chad, N’djamena to learn Arabic. God protected her during the battles of the Civil War of February 1979 which drove her back across the border to Cameroun. She has “REFUGEE” stamped in her passport.

Currently Marian serves in Bainga, Cameroun  helping with the Guidar translation of the Old Testament. In addition to this Marian is a veritable one person social service agency helping the sick and frequently transporting them to hospitals located some distance away. She lectures around the world, educates mothers and families regarding important dietary and hygiene principles that have saved many lives.


A team of ladies from our congregation joins another group from Mosaic church as they travel to Cholula, Mexico.