Faithful Savior Lutheran Church (formerly Faithful Savior Ministries – Lutheran Church and Community School) is the product of the 2008 merger of Faith Lutheran Church (AALC) and Our Savior Lutheran Church (LC—MS).
Faith Lutheran had its beginnings in 1930 through the old American Lutheran Church; her first  pastor was the Rev. Dr. Walter E. Tressel. For nearly 80 years Faith Lutheran was located on the  corner of Northeast Stanton St. and 62nd Ave., just a block off of Sandy Boulevard. 
Our Savior Lutheran Church held its first service on Sunday December 7, 1941 (Pearl Harbor Day). Until 1961 Our Savior worshiped in a small chapel near the Grotto, about two miles to the west of our present facility. Our Savior’s first full-time pastor was the Rev. Robert C. Fenning who served from 1942-1945. In 1962 Our Savior congregation dedicated the facility that now houses Faithful Savior.


In January of 2008 the two congregations began worshiping together as one. The inaugural service for the new congregation was held on February 10, 2008 with the following pastors participating: Pastor Stan Aufderheide (liturgist), the Rev. Harold Iben EM (prayers), Pastor Darren Anderson (lector), Pastor Alfred Schedler EM (lector), Pastor David Carstens of Hope Lutheran Church of the Deaf (lector), Pastor Kurt Luebkeman (liturgist), and the Rev. Dr. Warren Schumacher President of the Northwest District (preacher). 
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